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Index - Books about VietNam

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2301. Combat Photographer (Vietnam Experience)
by Nick Mills.
2302. Combat Recon : My Year With the Avrn
by Robert D. Parrish.
2303. Come along to Vietnam
by John D. Kotula.
2304. Command and Control
by James Mitchell.
2305. Commandos et maquis : service action en Indochine : GMCA Tonkin, 1951-1954
by Raymond Muelle.
2306. Comment s'implanter au Vietnam
by Hong Thai Nguyen.
2307. Communism in North Vietnam; its role in the Sino-Soviet dispute
by P. J. Honey.
2308. Communisme et nationalisme vietnamien : le Vietnam entre les deux guerres mondiales
by Pierre Rousset.
2309. Communist militaria of the Vietnam War
by Darrel R. Lulling.
2310. Communist Military of the Vietnam War
by Lulling.
2311. Communist Road to Power in Vietnam
by William J. Duiker.
2312. The communist tug-of-war in Indo-China : a study of the triangular relationship between the Soviet Union, China, and Vietnam (1945-1985)
by Sanjay Lodha.
2313. Community and Revolution in Modern Vietnam
by Alexander Barton Woodside.
2314. Concerns and opinions of Vietnam era veterans : hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, first session, May 8, 1991
2315. Conflict and transition in the Vietnamese economic reform program
by Lewis M. Stern.
2316. Conflict of Myths : The Development of American Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the Vietnam War
by Larry E. Cable.
2317. Confrontation or coexistence : the future of ASEAN-Vietnam relations
2318. Congressional delegation trip report : countries visited: Mongolia, People's Republic of China, North Korea, South Korea, and Vietnam, December 3-17, 1994 : a report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate
by Frank H. Murkowski.
2319. Conscripts and regulars : with the Seventh Battalion in Vietnam
by Michael O'Brien.
2320. The Constitutionalist Party in Cochinchina : the years of decline, 1930-1942
by Megan Cook.
2321. Contact : Australians in Vietnam
by Lex McAulay.
2322. A Contagion of War (Vietnam Experience Series)
by Terrence Maitland, et al.
2323. Contemporary Vietnam : perspectives from Australia
2324. Contribution áa l'histoire de la principautâe des Nguyãen au Vietnam mâeridional, 1600-1775
by Pao-yèun Yang.
2325. Conversations With the Enemy
by Winston Groom, Duncan Spencer.
2326. Conversations With the Enemy : The Story of Pfc Robert Garwood
by Winston Groom, D.L. Spencer.
2327. Cooks and Bakers
2328. Cooks and Bakers
by Robert Anderson.
2329. Count your dead; a novel of Vietnam
by John Rowe.
2330. A Country Made by War : From the Revolution to Vietnam-The Story Ao America's Rise to Power
by Geoffrey Perret.
2331. The Courageous and the Proud
by Samuel Vance.
2332. Cover-Up: [the Army's Secret Investigation of the Massacre at My Lai 4,
by Seymour M. Hersh.
2333. Covert Warrior : Fighting the Cia's Secret War in Southeast Asia and China, 1965-1967 : The Vietnam War Memoir of Warner Smith
by Warner Smith.
2334. Cracks in the Empire : State Politics in the Vietnam War
by Paul Joseph.
2335. Cross-Fire; A Vietnam Novel,
2336. Cross-Fire; A Vietnam Novel, : A Vietnam Novel
by Gail B. Graham.
2337. Crossing over : A Vietnam Journal
by Richard Currey.
2338. Crossing over : a Vietnam journal
by Richard Currey.
2339. Cruel April : The Fall of Saigon
by Oliver Todd.
2340. Crux
by Richard Aellen.
2341. Cry in the wilderness : guinea pigs of Vietnam
by Jean R. Williams.
2342. Current Vietnamese economy
by Yuangrat Wedel.
2343. Customs and Culture of Vietnam
by Ann Crawford.
2344. Cuòãoc ³á¼i vâ¼i bâong dâang x½a = Life with past images : personal accounts by eight Vietnamese settlers in Australia
2345. Cw2
by Layne Heath.
2346. Cw2
by Layne Heath.
2347. Da Nang Diary : A Forward Air Controller's Year of Combat over Vietnam
by Tom Yarborough.
2348. Dagar âi Vietnam : brot âur lâivvs²gu
by H²gni av Heiºi.
2349. Dak to : The 173d Airborne Brigade in South Vietnam's Central Highlands, June-November 1967
by Edward F. Murphy.
2350. Das kommunistische Regierungssystem in Vietnam
by Friedrich Sembdner.
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