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Index - Books about VietNam

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2251. Cambodia and the Vietnam War
by Hal Kosut.
2252. Cambodia in the Southwest Asian War
by Malcolm Caldwell.
2253. Cambodian Sanctuary (Vietnam Ground Zero, No 17)
by Eric Helm.
2254. Canopy of War : Jungle Warfare, from the Earliest Days of Forest Fighting to the Battlefields of Vietnam
by Bryan Perrett.
2255. Cao-Bang : la tragique âepopâee de la colonne Le Page
by Marcel Le Page.
2256. Captured!
by Carolyn Paine. Miller.
2257. Carrier Operations (The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, Vol 4)
by Edward J. Marolda.
2258. Carrying the Darkness : American Indochina : The Poetry of the Vietnam War
by W.D. Ehrhart(Editor).
2259. The Carter Administration and Vietnam
by Steven Hurst.
2260. Case-control study of congenital anomalies and Vietnam service (birth defects study) : report to the Minister for Veterans' Affairs
2261. Casualties : Death in Viet Nam; Anguish and Survival in America
by Heather Brandon(Editor).
2262. Casualties of War
by Daniel Lang.
2263. Casualties, public opinion, and presidential policy during the Vietnam War
by Mark A. Lorell.
2264. Catapult to Freedom
by Wilfred G., Burchett.
2265. Cent fleurs âecloses dans la nuit du Vietnam : communisme et dissidence, 1954-1956
by Georges Boudarel.
2266. Ceremony at Lang Nho
by Georgia Savage.
2267. The Certain Trumpet : Maxwell Taylor and the American Experience in Vietnam
by Douglas Kinnard.
2268. CGPRT crops in Viet Nam, 1976-1990 : a statistical profile
by Ke Toai Vu.
2269. Champignons du Tonkin illustrations of fungi in the Farlow Reference Library, with the mycological papers of N.T. Patouillard
2270. Chance and circumstance : the draft, the war, and the Vietnam generation
by Lawrence M. Baskir, William Strauss.
2271. Chance and Circumstance : The Draft, the War, and the Vietnam Generation
by Lawrence M. Baskir, William Strauss.
2272. The changes of the Vietnamese family in the Red River Delta
by Væan Bâich Phòam.
2273. Chaplain's Letters : Ministry by 'Huey' 1964-1965, the Personal Correspondence of an Army Chaplain from Vietnam
by Earl C. Kettler.
2274. Chargers (Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, Vol 12)
by F. Clifton, Jr. Berry.
2275. Charlie Company : What Vietnam Did to Us
by Peter Goldman, Tony Fuller.
2276. Charlie Company : What Vietnam Did to Us
by Peter Goldman, Tony Fuller.
2277. Charlie Company : What Vietnam Did to Us
by Peter Goldman, Tony Fuller.
2278. Charlie Don't Live Here Anymore (Night Fighters, No 6)
by David Sherman.
2279. Chiang Kai-Shek, de Gaulle, contre Hão Chi Minh : Vietnam 1945-1946
by Hua Lin.
2280. Childhood Namhood Manhood : The Writings of Michael Robert Pick, a Vietnam Veteran
by Michael Robert, Pick.
2281. Children of the ashes
by James Davidson Ross.
2282. Children of the dust : street children in Vietnam and children in extremely difficult circumstances
by Kim Cuc Ngo.
2283. Children of Vietnam
by Betty Jean Lifton.
2284. Children of Vietnam
by Tran Khan Tuyet.
2285. China und das wiedervereinte Vietnam : Pax Sinica contra Regionalhegemonie
by Kay Mèoller.
2286. China Wind
by Dan Guenther.
2287. China, Cambodia, Vietnam Triangle
by Wilfred G. Burchett.
2288. Chinese colonisation of northern Vietnam : administrative geography and political development in the Tongking Delta, first to sixth centuries A.D
by Jennifer Holmgren.
2289. Chuyòãen giàai phâong Viòãet Nam : háãoi thâ½ ba
by Kim Vinh Phòam.
2290. The Cinderella cycle in China and Indo-China
by Nai-tung Ting.
2291. Cochin-China : Containing Many Admirable Rarities of That Country (Eng Expr Srs No. 223)
by Cristoforo Borri, et al.
2292. Code of Conduct/an Inspirational Story of Self-Healing by the Famed Ex-Pow and War Hero
by Everett, Jr. Alvarez, Samuel, Jr. Schreiner.
2293. A Code to Keep : The True Story of America's Longest-Held Civilian Prisoner of War in Vietnam
by Ernest C. Brace.
2294. Collective Leadership and Factionalism : An Essay on Ho Chi Minh's Legacy
by Thai Quang Trung.
2295. A Collision of Cultures/the Americans in Vietnam, 1954-1973 (Vietnam Experience)
by Edward Doyle, Stephen Weiss.
2296. Colors and Markings of the F-4C, Phantom Ii, Part 1 : Post Vietnam Markings (Colors and Markings Vol 3)
by Bert Kinzey.
2297. Comanche Six : Company Commander, Vietnam
by James L. Estep.
2298. Comanche Six : Company Commander, Vietnam
by James L. Estep.
2299. Combat Art of the Vietnam War
by Joseph F., Jr. Anzenberger(Editor).
2300. Combat Medic-Vietnam
by Craig Roberts.
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