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551. Reluctant Warrior : A Marine's True Story of Duty and Heroism in Vietnam
by Michael C. Hodgins. Mass Market Paperback (December 1997)
552. Remembering Vietnam : After the War in the Gulf
by Link Nelms. Paperback (January 1997)
553. Reporting Vietnam : Media and Military at War (Modern War Studies)
by William M. Hammond. Hardcover (November 1998)
554. Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959-1969 (Part One)
by Library of America. Hardcover (October 1998)
555. Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1969-1975 (Part Two)
by Library of America. Hardcover (October 1998)
556. Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina
by Horst Faas(Editor), et al. Hardcover (October 1997)
557. The Rescue of Bat 21
by Darrel D. Whitcomb. Mass Market Paperback (March 1999)
558. The Rescue of Bat 21
by Darrel D. Whitcomb. Hardcover (April 1998)
559. The Rescue of Bat 21 (G K Hall Large Print American History Series) [LARGE PRINT]
by Darrel D. Whitcomb. Hardcover (July 1999)
560. Rethinking Camelot : Jfk, the Vietnam War, and U.S. Political Culture
by Noam Chomsky. Paperback (April 1993)
561. Return to Vietnam
by Jean-Claude Guillebaud(Contributor), et al. Paperback (December 1994)
562. Rf-8 Crusader over Cuba and Vietnam (Combat Aircraft , No 12)
by Peter Mersky. Paperback (April 1999)
563. Rhymer in the Sunset : A Poetic Perspective of the Vietnam Experience
by Phillip Woodall. Paperback
564. Ringed in Steel : Armored Cavalry, Vietnam 1967-68
by Michael D. Mahler. Paperback (September 1998)
565. Rites of Passage : Odyssey of a Grunt
by Robert B. Peterson, et al. Paperback (September 1997)
566. Rites of Passage : Odyssey of a Grunt
by Robert B. Peterson, et al. Hardcover (September 1997)
567. Road to the Killing Fields : The Cambodian War of 1970-1975 (Texas A&m University Military History Series, No 53)
by Wilfred P. Deac. Hardcover (June 1997)
568. The Role of the Private Sector in Education in Vietnam : Evidence from the Vietnam Living Standards Survey (Lsms Working Paper, No. 132)
by Paul Glewwe, Harry Anthony Patrinos. Paperback (June 1998)
569. Rough Guide Vietnam (2nd Edition)
by Rough Guides(Editor), et al. Paperback (December 1998)
570. A Rumor of War
by Philip Caputo. Paperback (November 1996)
571. Sacred Mountain : Encounters With the Vietnam Beast
by Edward Tick. Paperback (October 1989)
572. Sacred War: Nationalism and Revolution In A Divided Vietnam
by William J. Duiker. Hardcover
573. The Sacred Willow : Four Generations in the Life of a Vietnamese Family
by Duong Van Mai Elliott. Hardcover (January 1999)
574. The Sandman in Viet Nam: Essays on Engagements
by C. M. Boyles. Paperback (December 1997)
575. Sappers in the Wire : The Life and Death of Firebase Mary Ann (Military History, No 45)
by Keith William Nolan. Hardcover (October 1995)
576. Sas : Secret War in South-East Asia : 22 Special Air Service Regiment in the Borneo Campaign, 1963-1966
by Peter Dickens. Mass Market Paperback (September 1992)
577. The Scar That Binds : American Culture and the Vietnam War
by Keith Beattie. Hardcover (June 1998)
578. Seal! : From Vietnam's Phoenix Program to Central America's Drug Wars : Twenty-Six Years With a Special Operations Warrior
by Michael J. Walsh, et al. Mass Market Paperback (November 1996)
579. Seals : Udt/Seal Operations in Vietnam
by T. L. Bosiljevac. Mass Market Paperback (March 1991)
580. Seals in Vietnam
by Eric Micheletti. Hardcover (March 1998)
581. Searching for the Sources of the Irrawaddy. With Prince Henri d'Orleans from Hanoi to Calcutta Overland (First English Translations)
by Emile Roux, Walter E. J. Tips (Translator). Paperback (January 1999)
582. Seawolves : First Choice
by Daniel E. Kelly. Mass Market Paperback (July 1998)
583. Secret Army, Secret War : Washington's Tragic Spy Operation in North Vietnam (Naval Institute Special Warfare Series)
by Sedgwick D. Tourison. Hardcover (September 1995)
584. The Secret War Against Hanoi : Kennedy and Johnson's Use of Spies, Saboteurs, and Covert Warriors in North Vietnam
by Richard H., Jr Shultz. Hardcover (December 1999)
585. Sectoral Analysis of Trade, Investment and Business in Vietnam
by Tran Van Hoa(Editor), Van Hoa Tran (Editor). Hardcover (June 1999)
586. Semper Fi--Vietnam
by Edward F. Murphy. Paperback
587. Semper Fi-Vietnam : From Da Nang to the Dmz : Marine Corps Campaigns, 1965-1975
by Edward F. Murphy. Hardcover (July 1997)
588. Sergeant Dickinson
by Jerome Gold. Hardcover (August 1999)
589. Shadows and Wind : A View of Modern Vietnam
by Robert Templer. Paperback (September 1999)
590. Shadows of Vietnam : Lyndon Johnson's Wars
by Frank E. Vandiver. Hardcover (May 1997)
591. Shame and Humiliation : Presidential Decision Making on Vietnam (Pitt Series in Policy and Institutional Studies)
by Blema S. Steinberg. Paperback (June 1996)
592. Shattered Dream : America's Search for Its Soul
by Walter T., Jr. Davis. Paperback (July 1994)
593. Shenanigan
by Charles Reilly, Donna Ingham (Editor). Paperback
594. Shook over Hell : Post-Traumatic Stress, Vietnam, and the Civil War
by Eric T. Dean. Paperback (March 1999)
595. Shook over Hell : Post-Traumatic Stress, Vietnam, and the Civil War
by Eric T., Jr. Dean. Hardcover (October 1997)
596. Shooting at the Moon : The Story of America's Clandestine War in Laos
by Roger Warner. Paperback (January 1997)
597. Shrapnel in the Heart : Letters and Remembrance from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
by Laura Palmer. Paperback (November 1988)
598. The Siege at Hue
by George W. Smith. Hardcover (July 1999)
599. The Simple Guide to Vietnam Customs & Etiquette (Simple Guides. Series 1, Customs & Etiquette)
by Geoffrey Murray. Paperback (December 1997)
600. Sing for Your Father, Su Phan
by Stella Pevsner, Fay Tang. Hardcover (November 1997)
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