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Index - Books about VietNam

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501. The Peoples of Vietnam
by Asian Minorities Outreach. Paperback
502. The Perfect War : Technowar in Vietnam
by James William Gibson(Introduction). Paperback (March 2000)
503. The Perimeter of Light : Short Fiction and Other Writing About the Vietnam War
by Vivian Vie Balfour(Editor), Lance Woodruff (Photographer). Paperback (October 1992)
504. A Personal War in Vietnam (Texas A&m University Military History Series, No 13)
by Robert Flynn. Hardcover (October 1989)
505. A Personal War in Vietnam (Texas A&m University Military History Series, No 13)
by Robert Flynn. Paperback (October 1989)
506. Pettibone's Law : A Novel (Bluejacket Books)
by John Keene. Paperback (April 1994)
507. Phantom over Vietnam : Fighter Pilot, Usmc
by John Trotti. Paperback (November 1996)
508. Phase Line Green : The Battle for Hue, 1968
by Nicholas Warr. Mass Market Paperback (January 1999)
509. Phase Line Green : The Battle for Hue, 1968
by Nicholas Warr, Jack Shulimson (Introduction). Hardcover (May 1997)
510. Phoenix and the Birds of Prey : The CIA's Secret Campaign to Destroy the Viet Cong
by Mark Moyar. Hardcover (December 1997)
511. A Phoenix Rising : Impressions of Vietnam
by Zoe Schramm-Evans. Paperback (May 1998)
512. A Piece of My Heart : The Stories of 26 American Women Who Served in Vietnam
by Keith Walker(Editor), Martha Raye. Paperback (March 1997)
513. A Place Called Heartbreak : A Story of Vietnam (Stories of America)
by Myers, et al. Library Binding (October 1992)
514. A Place Called Heartbreak : A Story of Vietnam (Stories of America)
by Frederick Porter(Illustrator), Walter Dean Myers. Paperback (May 1996)
515. Planning a Tragedy : The Americanization of the War in Vietnam
by Larry Berman. Paperback (August 1983)
516. Platoon - Bravo Company
by Robert Hemphill, et al. Hardcover
517. Platoon Leader
by James R. McDonough. Paperback (October 1996)
518. Playing Basketball With the Viet Cong (Contemporary Poets Series (Curbstone Press).)
by Kevin Bowen, Carolyn Forche. Paperback (October 1994)
519. Point Man : Inside the Toughest and Most Deadly Unit in Vietnam by a Founding Member of the Elite Navy Seals
by James Watson, Kevin Dockery. Hardcover (August 1993)
520. A Portrait of Viet Nam
by Lou Dematteis, Oliver Stone. Paperback (July 1996)
521. Pow/Mia America's Missing Men : The Men We Left Behind
by Chimp Robertson, Craig Berryman. Hardcover (November 1995)
522. The Presidency of Richard Nixon (American Presidency Series)
by Melvin Small. Hardcover (October 1999)
523. Presidents and Protesters
by Theodore O. Jr. Windt. Paperback (December 1992)
524. The Price of Exit
by Tom Marshall(Preface). Mass Market Paperback (June 1998)
525. Primer of the Helicopter War
by Charles Holley, Mike Sloniker. Hardcover (July 1997)
526. The Princess and the Admiral
by Charlotte Pomerantz, Tony Chen (Illustrator). Paperback (April 1992)
527. Prisoner of War : Six Years in Hanoi
by John M. McGrath. Hardcover (October 1975)
528. Prisoners of Culture : Representing the Vietnam Pow (Communications, Media, and Culture)
by Elliott Gruner, Elliot Gruner. Paperback (May 1993)
529. Prodigal Soldiers : How the Generation of Officer Born of Vietnam Revolutionized American Style War (An Ausa Institute of Land Warfare Book)
by James Kitfield. Paperback (March 1997)
530. Project Alpha : Washington's Secret Military Operations in North Vietnam
by Sedgwick Tourison. Paperback (July 1997)
531. Project Omega : Eye of the Beast (Memories Series)
by James E. Acre. Paperback
532. Prospects in Trade, Investment and Business in Vietnam and East Asia
by Tran Van Hoa, et al. Hardcover (May 2000)
533. The Proud Bastards
by E. Michael Helms. Paperback (September 1996)
534. Pt Boats at War : World War II to Vietnam
by Norman Polmar, et al. Paperback (March 1999)
535. Radicalism and the Origins of the Vietnamese Revolution
by Hue-Tam Ho Tai. Hardcover (February 1992)
536. Rangers at War : Combat Recon in Vietnam
by Shelby L. Stanton. Mass Market Paperback (May 1993)
537. The Rational Peasant: The Political Economy of Rural Society in Vietnam
by Samuel L. Popkin. Paperback (January 1979)
538. Re-Writing America : Vietnam Authors in Their Generation
by Philip D. Beidler. Hardcover (March 1991)
539. The Real War : The Classic Reporting on the Vietnam War With a New Essay by Jonathan Schell
by Jonathan Schell. Paperback (February 2000)
540. Receptions of War : Vietnam in American Culture (Oklahoma Project for Discourse and Theory, Vol 10)
by Andrew Martin. Paperback (March 1994)
541. Reconciliation Road : A Family Odyssey
by John Douglas Marshall. Paperback (April 2000)
542. Reconciliation Road : A Family Odyssey of War and Honor
by John Douglas Marshall. Hardcover (October 1993)
543. Recondo : Lrrps in the 101st
by Larry Chambers. Mass Market Paperback (September 1993)
544. Reconstructing Consensus : American Foreign Policy Since the Vietnam War
by Richard A. Melanson. Paperback (November 1990)
545. Reconstructing Consensus; American Foreign Policy Since the Vietnam War
by Richard A. Melanson. Hardcover (November 1990)
546. The Red Baron's Last Flight : A Mystery Investigated
by Norman Franks, Alan Bennett. Hardcover (January 1998)
547. The Red Earth : A Vietnamese Memoir of Life on a Colonial Rubber Plantation
by Tu Binh Tran, et al. Paperback (May 1985)
548. Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning : The World of a Combat Division in Vietnam
by Eric M. Bergerud. Paperback (March 1994)
549. Refugees from Vietnam
by Carol Dalglish, Jo Campling (Editor). Hardcover (November 1989)
550. Regret to Inform You : Experiences of Families Who Lost a Family Member in Vietnam
by Norman E. Berg. Paperback
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