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Index - Books about Vietnam

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301. Back Fire : The Cia's Secret War in Laos and Its Link to the War in Vietnam
by Roger Warner.
302. Back to the front : the unfinished story in Vietnam
by Ram Pal Kaushik.
303. Backfire : A History of How American Culture Led Us into Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did
by Loren Baritz. Paperback (May 1998)
304. The Bad War : An Oral History of the Vietnam War
by Kim Willenson.
305. The Bad War : An Oral History of the Vietnam War (A Newsweek Book)
by Kim Willenson.
306. The Bamboo Bridge
by Dennis L. Hodo, et al. Mass Market Paperback
307. The Bamboo Cage : The Full Story of the American Servicemen Still Missing in Vietnam
by Nigel Cawthorne.
308. The bamboo cross: Christian witness in the jungles of Viet Nam
by Homer E. Dowdy.
309. Band of Brothers : Stories from Vietnam
by Walter McDonald. Hardcover (February 1990)
310. Banth½k kåandå¶nthåang "yå½an thin éChåam"
by Phlapphl½ng Khongchana.
311. Bao Daèi, ou les derniers jours de l'empire d'Annam
by Daniel Granclâement.
312. Baptism (Survivor of Nam, No 1)
by Donald Zlotnik.
313. Baptism : A Vietnam Memoir
by Larry Gwin. Mass Market Paperback (December 1999)
314. Barbara Hansen's Taste of Southeast Asia : Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam
by Barbara Joan Hansen.
315. Bataillon Bigeard áa Tu Lãe, 1952 : la lâegende des paras
by Alain Gandy.
316. The Battle for Hue : Tet 1968
by Keith William Nolan. Paperback (May 1996)
317. The Battle of Dienbienphu
by Jules Roy. Paperback (June 1984)
318. The Battle of Long Tan
by Lex McAulay.
319. Battlefront Vietnam
by Tom Carhart.
320. Battles and Campaigns in Vietnam, 1954-1984
by Thomas Carhart.
321. Battles in the Monsoon : Camping in the Central Highlands, Vietnam, Summer 1966 (Vietnam War, No 5)
by Samuel L. Marshall.
322. Battles of the Vietnam War/#06985
by Patrick Jennings.
323. Battleships, United States Navy: World War Ii, Korea, Vietnam
by Marvin R. Bachison.
324. Bay Vien, le maãitre de Cholon
by Pierre Darcourt.
325. Bear Tracks in Indochina : An Analysis of Soviet Presence in Vietnam
by 8070005875, Johnson.
326. Because of Their Faith : Calcav and Religious Opposition to the Vietnam War (Contemporary American History Series)
by Mitchell K. Hall. Hardcover (June 1990)
327. Before Honor
by Eugene B. McDaniel.
328. Before the Revolution
Hardcover (September 1991)
329. Before the Revolution : The Vietnamese Peasants Under the French
by Ngo Vinh Long. Hardcover (September 1991)
330. Before the Revolution : The Vietnamese Peasants Under the French (Morningside Book)
by Ngo Vinh Long, Vinh Long Ngo. Paperback (December 1991)
331. Behind the Lines --Hanoi, December 23, 1966--January 7, 1967
by Harrison Evans, Salisbury.
332. Behind the Red Mist : Fiction by Ho Anh Thai (Voices from Vietnam , No 2)
by Anh Thai Ho, et al. Paperback (October 1998)
333. Beijing, Hanoi, and the Overseas Chinese
by Pao-Min Chang. Paperback (December 1982)
334. Berufliche Bildung als Bestandteil der Bildungssysteme in den sozialistischen Lèandern Ost- und Sèudostasiens : Mongolei, China, Nordkorea, Vietnam, Laos, Kambodscha
by Sigrid Jordan.
335. The Best and the Brightest
by David Halberstam. Hardcover (July 1992)
336. The Best and the Brightest-2 Cassettes
by David Halberstam, Davie Clennon (Reader). Audio Cassette (August 1992)
337. The Best and the Brightest/20th Anniversary Edition
by David Halberstam. Paperback (November 1993)
338. The Best of Friends
339. The Best of Friends
by Margaret I. Rostkowski.
340. Betrayal in Vietnam
by Louis A. Fanning.
341. Better Him Than Me
by Jack Eager. Mass Market Paperback
342. Better Times Than These
343. Better Times Than These
by Winston Groom. Mass Market Paperback (December 1994)
344. A Better War : The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America's Last Years in Vietnam
by Lewis Sorley. Paperback (September 2000)
345. A Better War : The Unexamined Victories and the Final Tragedy of America's Last Years in Vietnam
by Lewis Sorley. Hardcover (July 1999)
346. Between the Lines : Photographs from the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial
by Thomas F. Morrissey, et al. Hardcover (June 2000)
347. Between Two Fires, the Unheard Voices of Vietnam
by New York.
348. Between Two Tigers : Testimonies of Vietnamese Christians
by Tom White(Editor). Paperback (September 1996)
349. Beyond Survival
by Gerald Coffee. Paperback (February 1991)
350. Beyond Survival : A Pow's Inspiring Lesson in Living
by Gerald Coffee.
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