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Index - Books about VietNam

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3251. Rhetoric and American Democracy : Black Protest Through Vietnam Dissent
by Randall M. Fisher.
3252. Ri
by George N. Allen.
3253. Rice Paddy Grunt : Unfading Memories of the Vietnam Generation
by John Brown.
3254. The Rise and Fall of an American Army : U.S. Ground Forces, Vietnam, 1965-1973
by Shelby L. Stanton.
3255. The Rise of Nationalism in Vietnam : 1900-1941
by William J. Duiker.
3256. Rising Like the Tucson
by Jeff Danziger.
3257. Rites de passage in den Romanen Why are we in Vietnam? und An American dream von Norman Mailer
by Rainer A. Zwick.
3258. Riverine : A Brown-Water Sailor in the Delta, 1967
by Don Sheppard.
3259. Riverine : A Pictorial History of the Brown Water War in Vietnam (Vietnam Studies Group)
by Jim Mesko.
3260. The Road from War; Vietnam 1965-1970.
by Robert, Shaplen.
3261. The road from war; Vietnam 1965-1971
by Robert Shaplen.
3262. The Road to Cu Chi
by Joe Kalie.
3263. The road to victory in Vietnam
by Pilwon Kang.
3264. Romancing Vietnam : Inside the Boat Country
by Justin Wintle.
3265. Rozwâoj paleotektoniczny zapadliska hanoiskiego i perspektywy jego roponoâsnoâsci
by Van Dinh Ngo.
3266. Rules of Engagement
by Joe Weber.
3267. Ryby pribrezh§ëiìa V§etnama : sbornik nauchnykh trudov
3268. Râecits de chasse en Indochine : hauts plateaux de l'Annam, Ban Mâethuot : 29 avril 1929 - 10 aoãut 1931
by Renâe de Buretel de Chassey.
3269. Resistances au Vietnam, Cambodge et Laos, 1975-1980
by Bernard Hamel.
3270. Revolutionnaires vietnamiens et pouvoir colonial en Indochine : communistes, trotskystes, nationalistes a Saigon de 1932 a 1937
by Daniel Hâemery.
3271. Sadness That Was Vietnam
by Richard Jennett.
3272. Saigon
by Anthony Grey.
3273. Saigon
by Anthony Grey.
3274. Saigon : The Final Days (Destiny)
by Robert Watts.
3275. Saigon for a Song
by Reuben Noel, Nancy Noel.
3276. Saigon Medical School : An Experiment in International Medical Education : An Account of the American Medical Association's Medical Education Project
by C.H. William Ruhe, Ira Singer.
3277. Saigon, le chantier des utopies
by Didier Lauras.
3278. Salmagundi Vietnam
by Don Pratt.
3279. The saving of South Vietnam
by Kenneth Grenville.
3280. Scars of Vietnam : Personal Accounts by Veterans and Their Families
by Harry Spiller.
3281. Scenes of Conflict : Hollywood, the Pentagon, and the Films of the Vietnam Era
by Lawrence H. Suid.
3282. Scenes of Conflict : Hollywood, the Pentagon, and the Films of the Vietnam War
by Lawrence H. Suid.
3283. Schèones Land, armes Land--Viòãet Nam im Aufbruch : Erfahrungen mit einer anderen Welt
by Bâeatrice Hecht-El Minshawi.
3284. Scream of Eagles : The Creation of Top Gun and the U.s Air Victory in Vietnam
by Robert Wilcox.
3285. Scream of Eagles : The Dramatic Account of the U.S. Navy's Top Gun Fighter Pilots : How They Took Back the Skies over Vietnam
by Robert K. Wilcox.
3286. The search for self-reliance : Australian defence since Vietnam
by Graeme Cheeseman.
3287. The Second Indochina War : A Short Political and Military History, 1954-1975
by William S. Turley.
3288. The second promise : an intensely moving, heart gripping autobiography that reveals the anguish, loneliness, courage & fears of one man's journey through boot camp, Vietnam's jungle war & returning home-- reaching back to touch & heal
by Jack D. Adams.
3289. Second to none : 2 RAR as the ANZAC Battalion in Vietnam, 1970-71
by J. M. Church.
3290. The Secret Diplomacy of the Vietnam War : The Negotiating Volumes of the Pentagon Papers
by George C. Herring(Editor).
3291. Secrets of the Vietcong
by James W. McCoy.
3292. Secrets of the Vietnam War
by Phillip B. Davidson.
3293. Seeds of the Seventies : Values, Work and Commitment in Post Vietnam America
by Arthur Stein.
3294. Seeds of the Seventies : Values, Work, and Commitment in Post-Vietnam America
by Arthur Stein.
3295. Seeing Vietnam : Encounters of the Road and Heart
by Susan Brownmiller.
3296. Seeing Vietnam : Encounters of the Road and Heart
by Susan Brownmiller.
3297. Self-Destruction, the Disintegration and Decay of the United States Army During the Vietnam Era
by Cincinnatus..
3298. Sensing the Enemy
by Lady Borton.
3299. Sergeant Back Again : A Novel
by Charles Coleman.
3300. Service for the Dead
by Robert A. Anderson.
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