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Index - Books about VietNam

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2651. Home before morning : the story of an army nurse in Vietnam
by Lynda VanDevanter.
2652. Home from the War
2653. Home from the War : Learning from Vietnam Veterans
by Robert Jay Lifton.
2654. Home from the War : Vietnam Veterans: Neither Victims Nor Executioners.
by Robert Jay, Lifton.
2655. Home Front : Women and Vietnam
by Barthy Byrd.
2656. Homecoming : When the Soldiers Returned from Vietnam
by Bob Greene.
2657. The Homecoming : When the Soliders Returned from Vietnam
by Bob Greene.
2658. Honorbound
by Laura Taylor.
2659. Honorbound
by Laura Taylor.
2660. Hotel Majestic
by Lâaszlâo Râobert.
2661. A house in Hue
by Omar Eby.
2662. The House of Purple Hearts : Stories of Vietnam Vets Who Find Their Way Back
by Paul Solotaroff.
2663. How and Why : The Vietnam War (Weighing Up the Evidence Series)
by John Griffiths.
2664. How Audie Murphy Died in Vietnam.
by McAvoy. Layne.
2665. How Has the Vietnam War Affected Veterans?
2666. How We Lost the Vietnam War
2667. How We Lost the Vietnam War
by Nguyen Cao Ky.
2668. Huang Li i t°ung chih = Hoáang Lãe nhâãat thâãong châi : Ngão gia væan phâai
2669. Human rights in Vietnam : joint hearing before the Subcommittees on Asia and the Pacific and International Operations and Human Rights of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, November 8, 1995
2670. Human settlements sector review : Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
2671. Hunter-killer squadron : aero-weapons, aero-scouts, aero-rifles, Vietnam 1965-1972
2672. Hunting With the Tigers : Doing Business With Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam
by Claudia Cragg.
2673. Háoa Biánh: the third force and struggle for peace in Vietnam; a report by four Australian university students who recently visited South Vietnam
2674. Háão Châi Minh khãong phàai láa tâac-giàa "Ngòuc trung nhòãat-kây"
by Hä½u Mòuc Lãe.
2675. Háão Châi Minh áa Paris, 1917-1923
by Thu Trang.
2676. Hâat bòãoi : thâeãatre traditionnel du Viet-Nam
by Khâæac Dòung Huáynh.
2677. Hão Chi Minh
by Jean Lacouture.
2678. I dèodsskuggans dal : minnesbilder frêan Vietnam
by Dan Olofsson.
2679. "Ici Radio-Saigon--," 1939-1945 : râecit
by Jacques Le Bourgeois.
2680. Ideals and Reality : An Analysis of the Debate over Vietnam
by Stephen A. Garrett.
2681. An Illustrated Guide to the Air War over Vietnam
by Bernard Nalty.
2682. An illustrated guide to the air war over Vietnam : aircraft of the Southeast Asia conflict
by Bernard C. Nalty.
2683. The illustrated history of the Vietnam War
by Brian Beckett.
2684. The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War
by Brian Beckett.
2685. Im Auto um die Erde : Pionierfahrt durch Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam und China
by Max Reisch.
2686. Im Schatten des Friedens : ein Bericht aus Vietnam und Kamputschea
by Michael Sontheimer.
2687. Images of War
2688. Images of War (Vietnam Experience)
by Julene Fischer(Editor), et al.
2689. Impact of Vietnam War Expenditures on the Philadelphia Economy (Discussion Paper Series No. 29)
by Walter Isard, Thomas W., Jr. Langford.
2690. Importing from Vietnam
2691. In Good Company : One Man's War in Vietnam
by Gary McKay.
2692. In Love and War
by Jim Stockdale, Sybil Stockdale.
2693. In Love and War : The Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years
by James Stockdale, Sybil Stockdale.
2694. In Love and War : The Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years
by Jim Stockdale, Sybil Stockdale.
2695. In search of new and innovative concepts for small scale enterprise promotion : papers and proceedings of the International Conference on New and Innovative Concepts for Small Scale Enterprise Promotion held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 14-16 December 1992
2696. In the Combat Zone : An Oral History of American Women in Vietnam, 1966-1975
by Kathryn Marshall.
2697. In the Combat Zone : Vivid Personal Recollections of the Vietnam War from the Women Who Served There
by Kathryn Marshall.
2698. In the Field : The Language of the Vietnam War
by Linda Reinberg.
2699. In the Field of Fire
by Jeanne Van Buren Dann, Jack Dann.
2700. In the Interests of Peace : Canada and Vietnam, 1954-1973
by Douglas Ross.
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