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1551. Saigon - Ho Chi Min City
by Jack Joyce(Editor). Map
1552. A Saigon Party : And Other Vietnam War Short Stories
by Diana J. Dell. Paperback (December 1998)
1553. Saigon to Jerusalem : Conversations With U.S. Veterans of the Vietnam War Who Emigrated to Israel
by Eric Lee. Paperback (October 1992)
1554. Sappers in the Wire; The Life and Death of Firebase Mary Ann
by Keith William Nolan. Mass Market Paperback (November 1996)
1555. The Scar That Binds : American Culture and the Vietnam War
by Keith Beattie. Paperback (August 2000)
1556. Search and Clear : Critical Responses to Selected Literature and Films of the Vietnam War
by William J. Searle(Editor). Hardcover (September 1988)
1557. Search and Clear : Critical Responses to Selected Literature and Films of the Vietnam War
by William J. Searle. Paperback (September 1988)
1558. The Search for a Negotiated Settlement of the Vietnam War (Indo China Research Monographs 2)
by Allan E. Goodman. Paperback (November 1986)
1559. The Secret Vietnam War : The United States Air Force in Thailand, 1961-1975
by Jeffrey D. Glasser. Hardcover (January 1996)
1560. Seeing Red, A View from Inside the Ruby Trade
by Carol Clark. Paperback (August 1999)
1561. Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology : Text, Context, and Performance in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
by Amy Catlin, Eran Fraenkel (Editor). Paperback (December 1992)
1562. Semiconductors and Rare Earth Based Materials : Lectures Given at the International Workshop on Materials Science Hanoi, Vietnam, October 15-26, 1990
by International Workshop on Materials Science. Hardcover (November 1991)
1563. Seven Firefights in Vietnam
by John A. Cash. Spiral-bound (1985)
1564. Shadow on the White House : Presidents and the Vietnam War, 1945-1975 (Modern War Studies)
by David L. Anderson(Editor). Paperback (May 1993)
1565. Shame and Humiliation : Presidential Decision Making on Vietnam
by Blema S. Steinberg. Hardcover (May 1996)
1566. Short Stories of Vietnam
by Lee Henschel. Paperback (October 1981)
1567. The Siege at Hue
by George W. Smith. Mass Market Paperback
1568. Silent Veterans : The Rape, Despair, and Healing of a Vietnam Veteran
by Thomas J. Evansew. Paperback (March 1993)
1569. Simonides in Vietnam : And Other Epigrams
by R.L. Barth. Paperback (January 1990)
1570. Since Vietnam : The United States in World Affairs, 1973-1995 (America in Crisis)
by H. W. Brands. Paperback (October 1995)
1571. Singing the Vietnam Blues
by Joseph Tuso. Paperback (June 1990)
1572. Singing the Vietnam Blues Songs of the Air Force in Southeast Asia (Military History Series, Vol 19)
by Joseph F. Tuso. Hardcover (December 1990)
1573. The Sino-Vietnamese Border Demarcation, 1885-1887 (First English Translation)
by Dr. P. Neis, Walter E. J. Tips (Translator). Paperback
1574. The Sino-Vietnamese Conflict
Hardcover (September 1984)
1575. The Sino-Vietnamese Conflict
by Eugene K. Lawson. Hardcover (September 1984)
1576. Six Years in Hell : A Returned Vietnam Pow Views Captivity, Country, and the Future
by Lt.Colonel Jay R. Jensen. Paperback (October 1989)
1577. Slow Dance on the Killing Ground
by Lenox Cramer. Hardcover (February 1990)
1578. Small Arms Fire : Collected Vietnam War Epigrams
by R. L. Barth.
1579. Small Unit Action in Vietnam : Summer, 1966
by Francis West. Paperback (July 1979)
1580. Snake-Eater
by Don Bendell. Mass Market Paperback (May 1994)
1581. Sniper (Super Vietnam Ground Zero, No 5)
by Eric Helm. Paperback (November 1990)
1582. Snow Job Canada the United States and Vietnam : Canada, the United States and Vietnam (1954 to 1973
by Charles Taylor. Paperback (June 1974)
1583. So Others Might Live
by Glenn M. Williams. Paperback (June 1999)
1584. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Law of the Sea : An Analysis of Vietnamese Behavior Within the Emerging International Oceans Regime (publica
by Epsey Cooke Farrell. Hardcover (January 1998)
1585. Socioeconomic Renovation in Viet Nam : The Origin, Evolution and Impact of Doi Moi
by Peter Boothroyd(Editor), Pham Xuam Nam (Editor). Paperback (January 2000)
1586. Soils Under Stress : Nutrient Recycling and Agricultural Sustainability in the Red River Delta of Northern Vietnam
by Aran Patanothai(Editor), Program on Environment. Paperback (February 1996)
1587. Soldados : Chicanos in Viet Nam
by Charley Trujillo(Editor). Paperback (July 1990)
1588. Soldier
by Anthony Herbert, James T. Wooten. Hardcover
1589. Soldiers Story : Vietnam in Their Own Words
by Ron Steinman. Paperback (August 2000)
1590. Sons of the Mountains
by Gerald Cannon Hickey. Hardcover (May 1982)
1591. South Vietnam, Trial and Experience : A Challenge for Development (Monographs in International Studies. Southeast Asia, No 80)
by Anh Tuan Nguyen. Paperback (March 1987)
1592. Spite House: The Last Secret of the War in Vietnam
by Monika Jensen-Stevenson, Monika Jensen Stevenson. Mass Market Paperback (September 1998)
1593. The Spitting Image : Myth, Memory and the Legacy of Vietnam
by Jerry Lembcke. Paperback (May 2000)
1594. Splash One : Air Victory over Hanoi
by Walter Kross. Hardcover (April 1991)
1595. Sporting Equipment in Vietnam: A Strategic Entry Report, 1998
by The Consumer Products Research Group. Ring-bound
1596. Standards and Certification Systems in Vietnam: A Strategic Entry Report, 1997 (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Services Industries Research Group. Ring-bound
1597. Starlight
by Scott Ely. Paperback (May 1988)
1598. Stingray
by Bruce H. Norton. Mass Market Paperback
1599. Stories That Won't Go Away: Women in Vietnam 1959-1975
by Betty Merrell(Compiler), et al. Paperback (June 1998)
1600. Stormy Escape : A Vietnamese Woman's Account of Her 1980 Flight Through Cambodia to Thailand
by Kim Ha, Kim Ha. Library Binding (January 1997)
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