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1001. Aviation Services in Vietnam: A Strategic Entry Report, 1999 (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Transportation Research Group. Ring-bound
1002. Avionics and Ground Support Equipment in Vietnam: A Strategic Entry Report, 1997 (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Transportation Research Group. Ring-bound
1003. The Awakening (Smith, Debra White. Seven Sisters Series.)
by Debra White Smith. Paperback (July 2000)
1004. Aztlan and Viet Nam : Chicano and Chicana Experiences of the War (American Crossroads, 4)
by George Mariscal(Editor). Hardcover (March 1999)
1005. The Bamboo Bridge
by Dennis L. Hodo, et al. Mass Market Paperback
1006. Band of Brothers : Stories from Vietnam
by Walter McDonald. Hardcover (February 1990)
1007. The Battle of Dienbienphu
by Jules Roy. Paperback (June 1984)
1008. Because of Their Faith : Calcav and Religious Opposition to the Vietnam War (Contemporary American History Series)
by Mitchell K. Hall. Hardcover (June 1990)
1009. Before the Revolution
Hardcover (September 1991)
1010. The Best and the Brightest
by David Halberstam. Hardcover (July 1992)
1011. The Best and the Brightest-2 Cassettes
by David Halberstam, Davie Clennon (Reader). Audio Cassette (August 1992)
1012. A Better War : The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America's Last Years in Vietnam
by Lewis Sorley. Paperback (September 2000)
1013. Between the Lines : Photographs from the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial
by Thomas F. Morrissey, et al. Hardcover (June 2000)
1014. Between Two Tigers : Testimonies of Vietnamese Christians
by Tom White(Editor). Paperback (September 1996)
1015. Beyond Survival
by Gerald Coffee. Paperback (February 1991)
1016. Beyond the East Wind : Legends and Folktales of Vietnam
by Quyen Van Duong, Jewell R. Coburn. Paperback (June 1994)
1017. Beyond the Vietnam Syndrome : U.S. Interventionism in the 1980's
by Michael T. Klare. Paperback (June 1981)
1018. Bird
by S.L.A. Marshall. Paperback (November 1989)
1019. Black Bitches Dancing With Charlie
by Chuck Bianchi. Paperback (April 1989)
1020. Blacks in America's Wars : The Shift in Attitudes from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam
by Robert W. Mullen. Paperback (May 1974)
1021. Blacks in America's Wars : The Shift in Attitudes from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam
by Robert W. Mullen. Hardcover (June 1974)
1022. Blessings : Transforming My Vietnam Experience
by Donald J. Yost. Paperback (October 1995)
1023. Blind Bat : C-130 Forward Air Controller : Ho Chi Minh Trail
by Frederick F. Nyc. Hardcover (May 2000)
1024. Blue Lightning
by Charles Stella. Paperback (July 1991)
1025. The Blue Spaders - Vietnam : A Private's Account : History of the 1st Infantry Division in Initial Days of the War
by Carl W. Bradfield. Hardcover (June 1992)
1026. Body Shop : Recuperating from Vietnam
by Corinne. Browne. Paperback (September 1987)
1027. Bonnie Sue
by Marion F. Starkey, Dennis McKee (Reader). Audio Cassette (February 2000)
1028. Bound for Vietnam
by Lydia Laube. Paperback (September 1999)
1029. The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up
by Charles Nelson. Paperback (May 1988)
1030. Brave Men
by David H. Hackworth, et al. Mass Market Paperback (June 1993)
1031. Bravo Burning
by Donald Tate. Paperback (July 1988)
1032. Bravo Burning
by Donald Tate. Hardcover (April 1986)
1033. The Breakdown of the Sino-Vietnamese Alliance : 1970-1979 (China Research Monograph, No 39)
by Ann Gilks. Paperback (June 1992)
1034. Brian Wizard's 20th Century Anthology: Permission to Kill, Back in the World, Permission to Live, Heaven On Earth, Shindara, Thunderhawks, the video documentary, Brian Wizard Sings For His Supper, music CD, Certificate of Authenticity: signed and numbered
by Brian Wizard, Wizard Brian. Paperback
1035. The Bridges of Vietnam : From the Vietnam Journals of U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer
by Fred L. Edwards. Hardcover (August 2000)
1036. Bridging the Gap : Twenty Years After the War in Vietnam
by Charles D. Pilon, Linda M. Pilon (Editor). Paperback (June 1996)
1037. Brothers in Arms : A Journey from War to Peace (Southwestern Writers Collection Series)
by William Broyles. Paperback (October 1996)
1038. Brown Water, Black Berets
by Thomas J. Cutler. Mass Market Paperback (July 1996)
1039. Building and Construction Materials in Vietnam: A Strategic Entry Report, 1996 (Strategic Planning Series)
by The Construction Research Group. Ring-bound
1040. Ca Dao Vietnam : A Bilingual Anthology of Vietnamese Folk Poetry
by John Balaban. Paperback (September 1982)
1041. Captive Warriors; A Vietnam POW's Story
by Sam Johnson, et al. Hardcover (April 1992)
1042. Care of the Wounded in Vietnam
by Robert M. Hardaway. Paperback (January 1989)
1043. Carried to the Wall : American Memory and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
by Kristin Ann Hass. Hardcover (July 1998)
1044. The Cave
by Tim Krabbe, et al. Hardcover (June 2000)
1045. Celebrating the People and Civilization of Southeast Asia : People of : Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hmong, and Cambodia (Celebrating the peo
by Dolly Brittan. Library Binding (June 1997)
1046. The Challenges of Highland Development in Vietnam
by A. Terry Rambo(Editor), et al. Paperback (October 1995)
1047. The Chambers of Memory : Ptsd in the Life Stories of U.S. Vietnam Veterans (Developments in Clinical Psychiatry)
by H. W. Chalsma. Hardcover (February 1998)
1048. Characterizing Exposure of Veterans to Agent Orange & Other Herbicides Used in Vietnam
by Institute of Medicine Staff. Paperback (April 1997)
1049. Chasing the Tigers : A Portrait of the New Vietnam
by Murray Hiebert, Joshua Sitzer (Editor). Hardcover (December 1996)
1050. The Chicago Anti-Vietnam War Movement
by Bradford Lyttle. Paperback (April 1988)
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