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Index - Books about VietNam

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801. Vietnam War (A First Book)
by John Devaney. Paperback (March 1993)
802. The Vietnam War (America at War Series)
by Maurice Isserman, John Bowman (Editor). Hardcover (February 1992)
803. Vietnam War (Gay, Kathlyn. Voices from the Past.)
by Kathlyn Gay, Martin K. Gay. Library Binding (October 1996)
804. The Vietnam War (Problems in Focus Series)
by Peter Lowe(Editor). Hardcover (January 1999)
805. The Vietnam War (The United States at War , Part 2)
by George C. Scott(Narrator). Audio Cassette (March 1997)
806. The Vietnam War : 'What Are We Fighting For?' (American War Series)
by Deborah Kent. Library Binding (July 1994)
807. The Vietnam War : In American Stories, Songs, and Poems
by H. Bruce Franklin(Editor). Paperback (January 1996)
808. The Vietnam War : Its History, Literature and Music (Southwestern Studies (Texas Western Pr) 106)
by Kenton J. Clymer(Editor). Paperback (March 1999)
809. The Vietnam War : The History of America's Conflict in Southeast Asia
by Bernard C. Nalty, William C. Westmoreland. Paperback (August 1998)
810. The Vietnam War : The Illustrated History of the Conflict in Southeast Asia
by Ray Bonds(Editor). Hardcover (September 1999)
811. The Vietnam War : The Story and Photographs (America at War Series)
by Donald M. Goldstein, et al. Hardcover (January 1998)
812. The Vietnam War : The Story and Photographs (Ausa Institute of Land Warfare Book)
by Donald M. Goldstein, et al. Paperback
813. The Vietnam War Almanac
by Harry G. Summers. Paperback (October 1999)
814. Vietnam War Diary
by Belva Brown, Fred Leo Brown (Editor). Paperback
815. Vietnam War Stories : Innocence Lost
by Tobey C. Herzog, Thomas Herzog. Paperback (April 1992)
816. The Vietnam War the American War : Images and Representations in Euro-American and Vietnamese Exile Narratives
by Renny Christopher. Paperback (January 1996)
817. Vietnam War, The
by Mitchell K. Hall. Textbook Binding
818. The Vietnam War: Lessons from Yesterday for Today
by Kevin Simon. Paperback (June 1991)
819. Vietnam War: Thematic Unit
by Julie Strathmen. Paperback (December 1997)
820. The Vietnam Wars, 1945-1990
by Marilyn B. Young. Paperback (September 1991)
821. Vietnam Wives : Facing the Challenges of Life With Veterans Suffering Post-Traumatic Stress
by Aphrodite, Phd Matsakis. Paperback (September 1996)
822. The Vietnam Women's Memorial (Cornerstones of Freedom)
by Deborah Kent. School & Library Binding (April 1995)
823. Vietnam's Reforms and Economic Growth
by Charles Harvie, et al. Hardcover (January 1998)
824. Vietnam's Rural Transformation (Transitions--Asia and Asian America)
by Benedict J. Kerkvliet(Editor), Doug J. Porter (Editor). Paperback (January 1997)
825. Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East : Unintended Consequences
by Judith Apter Klinghoffer. Hardcover (July 1999)
826. Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia Traveler's Companion (Traveler's Companion)
by Derek Maitland, Jill Gotcher. Paperback (April 1999)
827. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Handbook, 1996
by Joshua Eliot(Editor). Hardcover (November 1995)
828. Vietnam, My Love
by Frank Vinh Noan. Paperback
829. Vietnam-Perkasie : A Combat Marine Memoir
by W. D. Ehrhart, H. Bruce Franklin. Paperback (May 1995)
830. Pictures (Visual Geography)
Library Binding (August 1994)
831. Vietnam: An American Ordeal
by George Donelson Moss. Textbook Binding
832. Vietnam: Country Travel Map
Paperback (March 2000)
833. Vietnam: Opening Doors to the World
by Rick Graetz, Fred Rohbach (Contributor). Paperback (November 1988)
834. Vietnamerica : The War Comes Home
by Thomas A. Bass. Hardcover (April 1996)
835. Vietnamerica : The War Comes Home
by Thomas A. Bass. Paperback (June 1997)
836. The Vietnamese Americans (New Americans (Westport, Conn.).)
by Hien Duc Do. Hardcover (March 2000)
837. Vietnamese Foreign Policy in Transition
by Carl Thayer(Editor), et al. Hardcover (November 1999)
838. The Vietnamese Revolution of 1945 : Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh and De Gaulle in a World at War
by Stein Tonnesson. Hardcover (January 1992)
839. The Vietnamese Tradition of Human Rights (Indochina Research Monographs No 4)
by Van Tai Ta. Paperback (April 1989)
840. Vietnamese Women at War : Fighting for Ho Chi Minh and the Revolution (Modern War Studies)
by Sandra C. Taylor. Hardcover (January 1999)
841. Vignettes of Vietnam
by Carl M. Voyles.
842. Village at War : An Account of Conflict in Vietnam
by James W. Trullinger, George Kahin. Paperback (April 1994)
843. Visions of War, Dreams of Peace : Writings of Women in the Vietnam War
by Lynda VanDevanter, Joan A. Furey (Editor). Paperback (April 1991)
844. Voices from the Ho Chi Minh Trail : Poetry of America and Vietnam, 1965-1993
by Larry Rottmann, Nguyen Trong Thanh (Photographer). Paperback (August 1993)
845. Voices from Vietnam
by Barry Denenberg. Mass Market Paperback (August 1997)
846. Voices from Vietnam
by Barry Denenberg. Hardcover (October 1999)
847. Voices from Vietnam (Voices of the Wisconsin Past)
by Michael E. Stevens(Editor), et al. Paperback (May 1997)
848. Voices from Vietnam (Voices of the Wisconsin Past)
by Michael E. Stevens(Editor), et al. Hardcover (May 1996)
849. Voyage in a Red Canoe
by Carl M. Voyles.
850. Waiting for an Army to Die : The Tragedy of Agent Orange
by Fred A. Wilcox. Paperback (November 1989)
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