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701. Understanding Vietnam
by Neil L. Jamieson. Paperback (March 1995)
702. The Undetected Enemy : French and American Miscalculations in Dien Bien Phu, 1953 (Texas A & M University Military History, No 39)
by John R., Jr. Nordell. Hardcover (June 1995)
703. Unfinished War : Vietnam War in the American Conscience
by Walter H. Capps. Paperback (May 1990)
704. Unfriendly Fire : A Mother's Memoir (Singular Lives : The Iowa Series in North American Autobiography)
by Peg Mullen, et al. Hardcover (May 1995)
705. Unfriendly Fire : A Mother's Memoir (Singular Lives : The Iowa Series in North American Autobiography)
by Peg Mullen, Albert E. Stone. Paperback (May 1995)
706. The United States Army in Vietnam 2000 Calendar
by Al Alexander, Col. Bluhm. Calendar
707. United States Policy Toward Vietnam
by Edward Drachman. Hardcover (June 1975)
708. Unnecessary Wars : Causes and Effects of United States Wars from the American Revolution to Vietnam
by Peter Rinaldo. Hardcover (August 1993)
709. Unquestioning Obedience to the President : The Aclu Case Against the Legality of the War in Vietnam
by Leon Friedman, et al. Paperback (December 1972)
710. US Marine in Vietnam, 1965-1974
by Charles Melson, Paul Chappell (Illustrator). Paperback (March 1998)
711. Utter's Battalion : 2/7 Marines in Vietnam 1965-66
by Alex Lee. Mass Market Paperback (February 2000)
712. The Valiant Women of the Vietnam War
by Karen Zeinert. Library Binding (March 2000)
713. A Very Short War : The Mayaguez and the Battle of Koh Tang (Texas A&m University Military History, 46)
by John F. Guilmartin, John Keegan. Hardcover (December 1995)
714. Veterans and Agent Orange : Health Effects of Herbicides Used in Vietnam : Committee to Review the Health Effects in Vietnam Veterans of Exposure to
by Committee to Review the Health Effects in Vietnam Veterans of exposure. Hardcover (November 1993)
715. Victims and Survivors
by Louis A. Wiesner. Hardcover (December 1988)
716. Victory at Any Cost : The Genius of Viet Nam's Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap
by Cecil B. Currey, John Keegan. Paperback (February 2000)
717. A Vietcong Memoir
by Troung Nhu Tang, et al. Paperback (June 1986)
718. Vietnam
by Jacques Nepote, et al. Paperback
719. Vietnam
by Marc Rousseau, et al. Hardcover (February 1998)
720. Vietnam
by Spencer C. Tucker. Paperback (March 1999)
721. Vietnam
by Spencer C. Tucker. Hardcover (March 1999)
722. Vietnam & Other Reflections
by Peter B. Hill. Paperback
723. Vietnam (Countries of the World (Mankato, Minn.).)
by Michael S. Dahl. School & Library Binding (June 1998)
724. Vietnam (Cultures of the World)
by Audrey Seah. Library Binding (January 1996)
725. Vietnam (Dropping in On)
by Lewis K. Parker. Library Binding (July 1994)
726. Vietnam (Economically Developing Countries)
by Ole Steen Hansen. Library Binding (January 1997)
727. Vietnam (Enchantment of the World)
by David K. Wright. School & Library Binding (May 1989)
728. Vietnam (Festivals of the World)
by Susan McKay. Library Binding (September 1997)
729. Vietnam (Globe-Trotters Club)
by Karen O'Connor. Library Binding (October 1999)
730. Vietnam (Major World Nations)
by Wendy M. Cole. Library Binding (October 1997)
731. Vietnam (Postcards From)
by Denise Allard. Library Binding (January 1997)
732. Vietnam (Postcards From...Series)
by Denise Allard. Paperback (April 1998)
733. Vietnam (Ticket To)
by Karen O'Connor. Library Binding (October 1999)
734. Vietnam 1945 : The Quest for Power
by David G. Marr. Paperback (November 1997)
735. Vietnam : A Book of Changes
by Mitch Epstein. Hardcover (November 1996)
736. Vietnam : A History
by Stanley Karnow. Paperback (June 1997)
737. Vietnam : A Kick Start Guide for Business Travelers
by Guy Brooks, Victoria Brooks (Contributor). Paperback (February 1995)
738. Vietnam : A Portrait
by Tim Hall(Photographer), et al. Hardcover (October 1996)
739. Vietnam : A Traveler's Literary Companion (Travelers' Literary Companions)
by John Balaban(Editor), et al. Paperback (March 1996)
740. Vietnam : Anatomy of a Peace
by Gabriel Kolko. Paperback (June 1997)
741. Vietnam : Dawn of a New Market
by Geoffrey Murray. Hardcover (July 1997)
742. Vietnam : Dawn of a New Market
by Geoffrey Murray. Paperback (September 1997)
743. Vietnam : Four American Perspectives : Lectures
by Patrick F. Hearden(Editor), et al. Paperback (August 1990)
744. Vietnam : Past and Present
by D. R. Sardesai. Paperback (August 1998)
745. Vietnam : Peasant Land, Peasant Revolution : Patriarchy and Collectivity in the Rural Economy
by Nancy Wiegersma. Hardcover (September 1988)
746. Vietnam : Places and History (Places and History)
by Paolo Rinaldi. Hardcover (March 1998)
747. Vietnam : Reflexes and Reflections : The National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
by Eve Sinaiko(Editor), et al. Hardcover (October 1998)
748. Vietnam : Revolution in Transition (Nations of the Modern World. Asia)
by William J. Duiker. Paperback (March 1995)
749. Vietnam : Still Struggling, Still Spirited (Exploring Cultures of the World)
by Olivia Skelton. Library Binding (October 1997)
750. Vietnam : The Boat People Search for a Home (Children in Crisis)
by John Isaac(Photographer), Keith Elliot Greenberg. Library Binding (September 1996)
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